Safety Standards

Chemical substances

Various reports have been made on chemical substances emitted from consumer goods, the aim being to protect the indoor environments that are important for people to live healthy lives. Incense is an example of these.

Nippon Kodo takes these trends seriously, and has therefore decided to conduct a survey on its own products, so that customers may use its incense with safety and reassurance. The results are reported here.

*After reviewing methods that would ensure an objective and rational survey, the “Survey and emission of chemical substances from incense (2004)”: ( conducted by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency was used as a comparative reference.

In the List of Survey Results, the data annotation method originally used in the report by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency was adjusted to proportionate measurements in order to make comparisons easier and more efficiently.

List of Survey Results available

Nippon Kodo’s products are not only within the tolerable daily intake, but are also below the results of samples used in the survey by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency in 2004.