Environmental Activities

Nippon Kodo’s Attitude toward the Environment


We have long provided spirituality and healing through fragrance by taking advantage of the boon nature has provided us with. Spirituality connects the past to the present, the memories of parent to child, and healing brings grace and satisfaction, more simply put, true comfort to daily living. Feeling the abundance of blessings provided to us by the earth, we proclaim the following position in our environmental business activities, connecting present to future with our “Feel the Earth” theme.

Nippon Kodo Feel the Earth Proclamation

We shall minimize as much as possible any possible negative effects that might be made to the global environment as results of the procurement of raw materials and resources, production, sales and all other business activities, and shall continue to contribute to society in manner that allows future generations to live in peace and comfort in a sustainable society.

We shall contribute to the creation of a truly rich lifestyle by developing and providing products which allow one to truly experience the blessings of the earth.