2020-02-09The art of Koh-do Invitation and program of Japanese traditional art of Koh-do

Nippon Kodo Co., Ltd. sponsored "The Tale of Genji and Japanese Culture-The World of the Tale of Genji revives Today" hosted by Jissen Women's University held on 8th February 2020 at the Maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris.

This is an event that aims to familiarize you with the Tale of Genji, the source of Japanese culture and aesthetic consciousness. On the day, Gyosui Sanjyonishi, head of Kodo Oie-ryu and Nagayoshi Takakura, head of Takakura-ryu Emondo had lecture and demonstration. The 130 venues were full and French people were highly interested in Japanese culture and aesthetics.

At MCJP, incense tools sponsored by Nippon Kodo and Japanese traditional costumes were displayed until 15th February.