2024-05-27Popular elemense products make appearance at the pop-up in Nonaka-Hill Los Angeles

Stop by the elemense 1 day only pop-up at Nonaka-Hill in Los Angeles! Nonaka-Hill is a contemporary art gallery that was founded in 2018 by Rodney and Taka Nonaka-Hill who have been presenting various artists from contemporary Japan.

Starting May 30th, Nonaka-Hill will be featuring Japanese artist, Kentaro Kawabata, and American contemporary artist, Bruce Nauman. Kentaro Kawabata’s ceramics are inspired by nature, and to kick off his exhibition there will be an opening event where elemense products will be on display and available to purchase in limited quantities.
You will see our collection of Pottery Stone Diffusers, Diffuser Oils, Incense sticks, and Incense holders.

The Pottery Stone Diffuser comes in gray and white, with a choice of three natural shapes: round, angular, and elongated. These colors and shapes are handcrafted which express the authentic “natural phenomenon” in which no two items are identical. The surface of the stone is smooth and porous, allowing the Diffuser Oil to be easily absorbed. With a choice of five fragrances of nature, these oils are applied to the Pottery Stone Diffuser in which draws you into a serene experience for the visual and olfactory. Embracing the whole experience is the Glass Mirror where the Diffuser Stone sits on. The cool and modern Glass Mirror reflects any light, the light of the moment.

The elemense Incense sticks come in five fragrances that embody the five elements: Earth (nukubai), Fire (kiyobi), Wood (suou), Metal (sekishin), and Water (tetsukon)— components of all things in the universe.
The elemense incense makes a perfect pair with the handcrafted Porcelain incense burners that have a chic, modern, and almost industrial look in which can be chosen from black or gray. They have been carefully developed with a story behind the design and exude an understated, if not restrained luxury.

Mark your calendar for the 1-day-only pop-up event!

720 N. Highland Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone: (323) 450-9409
Pop-up date: May 30, 2024
Pop-up hours: 6 pm – 8 pm

The elemense collection has notably received the “Best Collection Award” in the Accent on Design category at NY NOW ®, the Market for Home, Lifestyle + Gift.

About elemense: The global home fragrance brand that was introduced at NY NOW in 2018, debuted in Japan in 2021 and at the Maison de Objet in Paris in 2022. With the foundation of Nippon Kodo’s over 440 year-history of artistry with fragrance, elemense offers new ways to enjoy fragrances that suit modern lifestyles. The brand strives to create fragrances that connect people and their space with a new form of relaxation.