Guiding principle and main object

Nippon Kodo's guiding principle and main objective from its inception has been:
To bring the culture of incense to the world. By doing so, the experience with incense may fill people's hearts with kindness, making spirits and souls at peace.

In 1942, what had been a modest company catering to the fragrance whims and wishes of the elite and others who appreciate fine incense as well as many more who use the aromatic scents in their religious rites, Nippon Kodo Co., Ltd., became a major international corporation and set its sights on bringing its attractive and desirable products to the world.

Nippon Kodo has continued to improve and create better and finer incense products while expanding its marketing focus and extending its distribution channels to reach an ever increasing clientele in the far corners of the world.

While continuing its traditional and original purpose of making and selling high-quality incense to an ever-increasing market at home and abroad, Nippon Kodo is very much aware that the use of incense has not only become a new fad among the youth of the world but a real necessity for people of all ages who have learned to use fragrance to make life more enjoyable and delightful.

At the same time, the company believes that one of its fundamental purposes in making incense is to cherish the ancient traditions and values that are so much a part of the Japanese people and others around the world who through the ages have always respected their traditions and honored their past.

Modern practitioners of the art of incense appreciation now use its delicate scents and exquisite aromas to provide a relaxing and calming ambiance in their home or place of work, to entertain guests, to celebrate special occasions, to relax the body after a trying day, and to soothe tired nerves before retiring.

A joss stick of incense, the company believes, is a thing of beauty and one of the most revered and kindest traditions in the Japanese culture.

The scent of incense can give one a feeling of tranquility and an added dimension in gracious living that opens up a whole new world of spiritual awareness and temporal understanding.