2020-01-21The art of Koh-do
Invitation and program of Japanese traditional art of Koh-do

An incense ceremony with master Gyousui Sanjyonishi will be hosted by Nippon Kodo

Japan has many arts having long histories. "Koh-do, incense ceremony" is one of the major performing arts in Japan and it spread among aristocrats and high-ranking samurai.

The master of Oieryu school Gyousui Sanjyonishi, who is the current emperor's second cousin, will introduce you the world of Japanese traditional fragrance.

Ceremony will lecture at

Sunday 9th February, 2020
① 11:00 am ② 15:00 pm ③ 18:00 pm
Tuesday 11th February, 2020
① 14:00 pm ② 17:00 pm ③ 20:00 pm

Venue - ESTEBAN shop Paris - Le Marais 2F
32, rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 75003 PARIS, France
Phone: 01 42 71 19 52
Participation fee: €30 per event