2019-05-07Children's Gallery of Art in Odaiba, Tokyo

We at Nippon Kodo are an inheritor of fragrance culture but also strongly believe in doing business with the intention to make a contribution to society.

In keeping with this idea, every summer we hold a children’s art contest with the theme “Memories of Home.”
The number of entries increases every year and last year there were about 61,308 entries.
Every year, the winning pieces are gathered and displayed at an exhibition.

"Children’s Gellery of art(paintings) exhibition", sponsored by Nippon Kodo, was held at the Fuji Television Headquarters in Odaiba,Tokyo. (One of the urban)

All of the pieces are so wonderful that head judge, painter, Taiji Harada speaks highly of the artists.

These inspiring worlds that the children created will surely charm and fascinate its viewers.

You can check Children's excellent works in attached URL↓