Superior Incense

Incense has been part of everyday life even long before today's high-stress society. Incense has helped people compose themselves and brings them calm.

In creating this incense we sought the ultimate in fragrance made with abundant use of aloeswood from Vietnam, including the most valuable form of it, kyara.
Nippon Kodo's superior incense represents a heritage passed down to this day from the late-16th century Tensho period incense merchant, Koju, that supplied the imperial court with incense.
A collector's collection with a limited annual production run, and using the rarest of materials.
Enchanting, noble, profound, and subtle - a timeless aroma with endless breadth and evocative depth.
Savor the lasting, bewitching delight of fragrant kyara wood.

-Made in Japan-

Aloeswood and kyara

Aloeswood is harvested only in a limited area of South-East Asia centered on Vietnam.
The wood of this tree is white, light and odorless, However, with sufficient time, the forces of nature and the unique functions of the wood itself bring forth the fragrant aloeswood aroma treasured since olden times.

Of that aloeswood, kyara is considered the most refined form of it.
Its pure, elegant aroma, which differs from tree to tree, has charmed countless people through the ages.

The Way of Nippon Kodo