Fragrance Memories

Fragrance Memories

Take a journey to the most relaxing places on earth. Nature's enchanting scents preserved as incense.

The cobalt blue Caribbean Sea, with its beautiful emerald green lagoons. A Scandinavian forest shrouded in thick fog. A beach in the South Pacific, with pure white sand so fine that it spills like powder from between your fingers. Just looking at the beautiful ocean and the white sandy beach is enough to soothe away your day-to-day fatigue.

Memories can instantly be triggered by the fragrances that are carried along by the breeze. Fragrances that remind us of various images, sounds, and feelings. These are the fragrances that were experienced throughout our journey.

Fragrance Memories incense will take you to the most relaxing places on earth.

The fragrances featured in this series will take you on a journey not only to different places, but to different periods, transporting you to ancient times.

-Made in Japan-

The FRAGRANCE MEMORIES series is made up of four categories

Perfect for those times when you want to brighten your mood and reminisce.
Travel the world with the FRAGRANCE MEMORY series - no passport needed.

Fragrance Memories

Fragrance Memories