Since 1575.
Japanese Incense Brand.

Quality natural incense
and lifestyle fragrance products
available around the globe.

Fulfill your time and space
with aromatic relaxation.

Nippon Kodo Brand Movie

Float across borders
Fragrance knows no barriers.
Touch a flame to a stick of incense: a
wisp of smoke will travel across the room,
filling it with stories of other worlds.


Preserving the culture and transforming it to the modern lifestyle

Our unique fragrances come from over 400 years of preserved skills with the sensitivities of modern perfumers.

We inherited our skills through writings on the mixture of aromatic woods by Takai Juemon, an incense preparer who supplied the Emperor of Japan in late 16th century.


From the goodness of the Earth with sustainability

Natural aromatic materials are discovered and gathered by careful researches and global network.

More than simply using these materials, we also engage in forestation and other forms of conservation in Southeast Asia to protect the environments from which they come.


Global technology and network for your peace of mind

By using our own developed reproducible measurement methods, we keep our incense in complete safety.

We conduct regular safety tests with globally standardized measurement technology from Denmark.

All Time Best


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