Floral incense "OEDO-KOH"

In Japan, there was a time called Edo, which lasted 260 years from the 1600s to the 1800s.

People of different classes, such as samurai, peasants, craftsmen, and tradesmen, created their own culture during this time.
In particular, people of Japan’s capital city at the time, Edo (today’s Tokyo), enjoyed the four seasons and the company of other people, giving life to a culture brimming with vitality.

This saw the emergence of words like iki.
Iki was used to describe things like a gentleman’s mindset such as when men amuse themselves, the allure of a mature lady, or simple attire that enshrouded glamour beneath. The spirit of iki is still revered amongst the intellectual fashionistas in Japan.

Iki represents an urban "dandyism" of the Edo era. That can be iki by doing a small thing to give attention to something that would usually not be noticed. For example, let's say that we displayed a single flower in a small vase when your guests come to your home. It is a small display, but it gives people coming into the room a sense of comfort and a feeling of season. That would be an example of an iki arrangement. Iki can also be expressed in the thoughtfulness of one person towards another.

This series was created by master incense artisans from modern Tokyo, using fragrance to represent a range of Edo-inspired scenes.
As you light the incense, an enticing wisp of smoke beckons you to Edo’s urbane world of iki. The aroma will send you back in time to Japan’s good old Edo period.

OEDO-KOH tells six different stories of people from this era.
The drifting scent may awaken memories that lie deep within you.

-Made in Japan-



(60 pieces for each fragrance & includes an incense stand)