Kyara Taikan

Premium Aloeswood incense "Kyara Taikan"

Premium aloeswood is the finest among the kinds of aloeswood that powerful figures have coveted throughout history. It is very difficult to obtain in the present day and is said to be more valuable than gold.

Legend says that Nitta Yoshisada, who is depicted in the puppet play "Kanadehon Chushingura," and Kimura Shigenari went to battle after perfuming their helmets by burning fine incense aloeswood. Indeed, throughout Japan's history, aloeswood appears to have been linked to samurai's perception of the ultimate beauty.

-Made in Japan-

Kyara Taikan is a representative incense of Nippon Kodo.

Aloeswood and kyara

Aloeswood is harvested only in a limited area of South-East Asia centered on Vietnam.
The wood of this tree is white, light and odorless, However, with sufficient time, the forces of nature and the unique functions of the wood itself bring forth the fragrant aloeswood aroma treasured since olden times.

Of that aloeswood, kyara is considered the most refined form of it.
Its pure, elegant aroma, which differs from tree to tree, has charmed countless people through the ages.

Kyara Taikan

Kyara Taikan

Kyara Taikan