Jinkoh Juzan

Aloeswood incense "Jinkoh Juzan"

Aloeswood is widely mentioned in classic literatures, including The Tale of Genji.
The Pillow Book, The Tale of the Heike, and Essays in Idleness.
With bewitching fragrance that has been part of kabuki and Japanese puppet plays since the Edo period, it can be described as the most representative of Japan’s traditional incense. Its fragrance varies greatly depending on where it comes from. As can be seen from the five "tastes" used to describe it–spicy, sweet, acidic, salty, and bitter–it produces variety of enjoyable fragrances.

-Made in Japan-


Aloeswood is harvested only in a limited area of South-East Asia centered on Vietnam.
The wood of this tree is white, light and odorless, However, with sufficient time, the forces of nature and the unique functions of the wood itself bring forth the fragrant aloeswood aroma treasured since olden times.

Jinkoh Juzan

Jinkoh Juzan