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Culture of Incense

The Form of fragrance

Incense Types

  • Stick

    As the stick type incense burns evenly, its mild fragrance spreads constantly. Good for a private room to enjoy the fragrance by yourself.

  • Cone

    Cone type incense gives us intensive fragrance in short time, and it will be used in a big room like a family room or entrance foyer. The fragrances express your hospitality to your guests.

  • Coil

    Coil type incense burns much longer (approx. 2 hours) and is preferable for the family room and fragrance will be enjoyed with your company.

  • How to use

    Light the tips of the incense stick, cone or coil then blow out the flame to produce the delicate wisp of smoke. Place it in the burner, as shown in the picture. Your room will be quickly filled with beautiful fragrance.

  • How to use Incense Burner

    1 Fill up 80% of incense burner with ash.
    2 Light the tip of the incense then blow out the flame.
    3 Place it on the incense holder.
    4 The perfume lingers long after the incense burnt out.