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Japan succeeded a foreign-born incense and nurtured it to have the beauty and style it now has. Over the centuries, incense and arabesque patterns came to Japan through the Silk Road from faraway distances. Kohden is packaged in herbal motif arabesque boxes to show respect for the ancient people who carried the incense in to Japan.


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  • No.38651 Exceptional Quality Sweet alosewood 40 sticks

    A lusciously sweet aloeswood perfume sourced from quality Shamu Aloeswood of Ind ...

  • No.38652 Exceptional Quality Spicy aloeswood 40 sticks

    A sophisticated and refreshingly spicy aloeswood perfume sourced from quality In ...

  • No.38653 Exceptional Quality Sandalwood 40 sticks

    A relaxing breezy perfume with a sandalwood note.

  • No.38654 Exceptional Quality Musk note 40 sticks

    "Our originally developed , rich and alluring perfume with a musk note . (*Natur ...

  • No.38655 Exceptional Quality Japanese Mint 40 sticks

    A crisp and bracing perfume with a mint note.

  • No.38656 Exceptional Quality Staranise 40 sticks

    A sweet delicate perfume with a staranise note.