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Our mission

Present and future plans

As we focus on an expanding global market for our products, our aim continues to be to grow a new fragrance culture that will be attractive to people in all walks of life in different countries all over the world. In doing so, our objective will not be to simply export our home-produced incense overseas, but to make as wide a variety of products as will please the individual needs and tastes of many people in all parts of our world.

We will continue to send our experts to locate and harvest the rare aromatic woods and other raw materials and ingredients needed to make our incense, and then have them processed by hand and by machine by our master craftsmen and experts in our eight factories in Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Our company’s main offices in our building in the Ginza district of Tokyo is in constant communication with other subsidiaries and affiliates all over the world as we continue to diversify and expand our operations to bring our incense products to an ever increasing clientele of loyal and satisfied wholesalers, retailers and end users.