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Our mission

Mission Statement

Nippon kodo's Mission Statement

Corporate Identity

For a healthier and more refreshing life with peace of mind.

Mission (Our mission in society)

  • In introducing Japan’s incense culture to the world, Nippon Kodo will fill people’s hearts with serenity so they may enjoy a healthy and satisfying life.
  • We will pursue sustainable growth by looking ahead and strategically responding to new challenges.
  • As an essential member of society, we are wholeheartedly committed to the wellbeing and enjoyment of our customers.
  • We respect the diversity and values of our employees and will provide a workplace where each is empowered to freely demonstrate his full potential.
  • We will share our aspirations in partnership with our suppliers and conduct our business fairly with a view to building long-term relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Our employees will comply with all laws and regulations and act with integrity as trusted citizens.
  • We will contribute to our local communities by providing employment and paying taxes, and conduct our business in ways that respect the environment.
  • By carrying out our Mission, we will raise our corporate value and thereby duly reward our shareholders.

Values (Our values to the customers)

Drawing on Japan’s time-honored traditions of incense culture and aestheticism, we will develop a full line of products based on our unique strengths—the ability to procure superior quality raw materials and our unrivalled incense manufacturing technology.
We will develop safe products featuring unique values and offer people around the world peace of mind and healthier and happier lives.

Vision (What we aspire to be:our goals)

We will strive to be the world’s number one company in name and substance, successfully differentiated from our competitors in the incense and home fragrance field and committed to meeting every challenge in the years to come.