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Nippon Kodo, Inc., established in August 1965, opened offices in New York and Los Angeles to better market and distribute incense to wholesale and retail customers in the United States.
Monitoring and keeping abreast of the changing trends in the fragrance industry, the company participates in major annual gift and merchandise fairs and shows in New York and other cities in The United States.

NIPPON KODO Representative office in Paris

NIPPON KODO Representative office in Paris is an activity base of the first headquarters connecting directly in Europe as our company.
It aims to act about this new representative office and to contribute to the development of the fragrance market research in Europe.


NIPPON KODO's overseas factory. They mainly put out religious incense.


Overseas sales office in Hong Kong. They mainly sell NIPPON KODO's Japanese incense aiming to the Chinese market.


ESTEBAN, believed to be one of the first manufacturers in France to specialize in home fragrances, was established 30 years ago in Montpelier and became a member of the Nippon Kodo Group in 1996. ESTEBAN operates fragrance shops in Paris, Montpelier and Tokyo.


Genieco, Inc. is the oldest and one of the largest domestic manufacturers of incense in the U.S. Headquartered in Chicago and part of the Nippon Kodo group since 1999. Genieco has recently introduced lifestyles, a new brand of incense in the American market. Since 1923, Genieco has been producing the very popular Gonesh brand of incense and continues to build on its past successes.


MANBOKHYANG DANG is leading incense manufacturer in Korea. NIPPON KODO CO., LTD. and MANBOKHYANG DANG have established a joint sales company in Korea on May, 2005. http://www.mbhd.co.kr/

Restaurante Rangetsu of Tokyo (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

Rangetsu of Tokyo in Sao Paulo, offers traditional Japanese food turned in a Contemporary Nouvelle Cuisine style in Brazil, which could be described as Japanese Cuisine in western style. Besides its affiliations with the aforementioned, the Nippon Kodo Group of companies has representation in many other countries. One of these is American Brand Labs. inc. America's leading aromatherapy company. With such a diverse and versatile group of prominent and successful companies and talented and creative craftsmen, Nippon Kodo believes it will be able to continue to bring its customers innovative incense fragrances, styles and concepts to keep up with any changes in the industry and the world.



Daiko, Inc. formed in September 1965, is a foreign trade company that exports and imports raw materials from India, Cambodia and Vietnam. It also sells and markets domestically and internationally other related fragrance products such as scented flowers and aromatic woods and other complementary items that fit into the specialized field of relaxation, meditation and fragrance. http://www.daiko-inc.co.jp/


Kito-Tenkundo, operates a charming incense shop that specializes in the sale of wood and floral incense fragrances in the ancient city of Kamakura, an art center and popular tourist attraction not far from Tokyo. On the shop's second floor there is a Members Room for fragrance lovers. And classes in Japanese traditional arts such as the Incense Ceremony, the Tea Ceremony and Japanese Calligraphy are held on the third floor. A similar incense shop is located in the city of Kobe.


Ginza Koju, established in November 1969, is a specialty incense shop in Ginza, Tokyo, that sells both traditional and modern incense and related fragrance products.

Ginza Rangetsu, Inc.

Ginza Rangetsu, is a popular Japanese restaurant in Ginza, that has been doing business for nearly half a century specializing in such delicious Japanese dishes as Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki and other meat and crab delicacies.