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2017-07-05 Children's Gallery of Art in Suwa, Nagano

“Memories of OBON in my hometown” Art Contest" sponsored by Nippon Kodo is held in Taizi Harada Art Museum in Suwa, Nagano prefecture .

You can enjoy 82 paintings chosen from total 65,135 entries.

All of paintings are based on the theme of "Memory of Obon at your hometown".

Why don't you come to find children's beautiful work?

Name: "Children's Gallery of Art in Suwa"

Dates: June 28th (Wed) to September 10th(Sun)

9:00 ~ 17:00

Place: Gallery SAZANAMI in Taizi Harada Art Museum

(Address : 1792-375, Shibusaki, Suwa city, Nagano prefecture, 392-0010

Tel: +81 – 266-54-1881)