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2011-10-24 Shōsōin exhibition at Nara National Museum

Nippon Kodo will participate in Shōsōin exhibition at Nara National Museum as one of supporter.Featured in this exhibition in particular is one of most famous fragrant wood, "蘭奢侍" (formally known as 黄熟 incense), has appeared for the first time in 14 years.Every fans fragrant wood knows the fact that most famous Japanese temples name of "東大寺" is hidden in the character of "蘭奢侍".Moreover,"蘭奢侍" is highly prized by those in power at the time of Ashikaga Yoshimasa and Nobunaga, etc. Also but it was well known, currently being broadcast NHK Taiga drama "江(Go)" has been portrayed as evidence of the strong ties connecting 江(Go) and Nobunaga.

On this occasion, we are wonderig if so many people come to admire this special exbition.

■ Name of the exhibition: The 63rd Shōsōin exhibition

■ Dates: October 29, 2011(Sat) to November 14 (Monday) from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ※ Friday, Saturday, Sundays and holidays until 7:00 pm (The admission is until 30 minutes before closing.)

■ Place: East Wing hall and West Wing hall at Nara National Museum (50 Noborioji-cho Nara city Japan)

■ Price:

General ¥1000

University/College student,High School student ¥ 700

Elementary student/Junior high school student ¥ 400

During the period of exbition,cooperation with Yomiuri Shimbun,visitors can experience the fragrance of Kyara or agarwood at Yomiuri Shimbun PR booth.Please visit us as well.

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