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2013-04-09 Nippon Kodo supports an incense ceremony at The Conran Shop in London

Rarely witnessed in Britain, the historic rituals of Kōdō – or ‘way of incense’ – are like those of the tea ceremony, some of the most exquisite in Japanese culture.

Kōdō originated as a codified practice of olfactory games among the aristocracy and samurai c.1500 CE,through which subtle variations in incense fragrance could be enjoyed. Today it is obscure, even in Japan.

There are only are a handful of Kōdō practitioners in the world, master of the Shino-Ryu school, Souhitsu Issiken Hachiya, will visit London to invite you to experience this lost art.

Hosted in the beautiful setting of The Conran Shop in Brompton Cross, the event will introduce you to the intimate and interactive ceremony in incense-appreciation.

Ceremony with lecture at 10.00 am Thursday 18th April

Venue - The Conran Shop Chelsea, Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, London, SW3 6RD