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  • No.27404 Traditional Lavender 50 sticks

    Enjoy the pleasure of lavender garden as a light summer breeze wafts your cares ...

  • No.27414 Traditional Cypress (Hinoki) 50 sticks

    Experience the fresh scent and tranquility of cypress forest.

  • No.27434 Traditional White Plum 50 sticks

    Clear floral notes of this new white plum fragrance will permeate the air to ple ...

  • No.27444 Traditional Aqua 50 sticks

    Clear floral aqua notes of cyclamen with a pleasing scent of primrose will remin ...

  • No.27464 Traditional Daphne 50 sticks

    The scent of the petite flowers gives a feeling of early spring.

  • No.279 Traditional Jinkoh Eiju

    "Based on Aloeswood, galenicals including Sandalwood and Patchouli are mixed. Di ...

  • No.280 Traditional Kyara Eijyu

    "Graceful aroma of Kyara, harmonious with Floral balsamic. Bases on Aloeswood, S ...

  • No.301 Traditional HANA-NO-HANA Assorted Floral scents 36 sticks

  • No.302 Traditional HANA-NO-HANA Assorted Floral scents 60 sticks

  • No.320 Traditional CHO-CHO-SAN Assorted cones 36 cones

  • No.33141 Modern Wake Up

    The streets sparke as a new day dawns : Wake Up

  • No.33142 Modern White Blossom

    Peeking from amidst the green: a pretty White Blossom.

  • No.33143 Modern Rice Shower

    Fluttering flower petals flash in the light: Rice Shower.

  • No.33144 Modern Rose Avenue

    "Flamboyant roses, beautiful and sweet: Rose Avenue."

  • No.33145 Modern Arabian Night

    "Under a bright moon, a sultry fantasy: Arabian Night."

  • No.33146 Modern Tequila Sunrise

    The surf's sounds wash over the Tequila Sunrise.

  • No.33147 Modern Santa Fe Breeze

    A dry wind blows beneath a bright sky: Santa Fe Breeze.

  • No.33148 Modern Happy Valley

    Suddenly opening onto a secret garden: Happy Valley.

  • No.33149 Modern Spring Leaves

    A sweetish-sour zephyr over soft green: Spring Leaves.

  • No.33151 Modern Green Oasis

    Water and life: Verdant abundance at the Green Oasis.

  • No.33152 Modern Rain Forest

    A forest stands shrouded in the mist: Rain Forest.

  • No.33153 Modern Mountain Breath

    "In the predawn silence, nature's majesty : Mountain Breath."

  • No.33154 Modern Sweet Hibiscus

    A lazy-sweet South Seas afternoon : Sweet Hibiscus.

  • No.33155 Modern Coconut Sky

    Circles of brown framed in clear blue: Coconut Sky.

  • No.33156 Modern Siesta Siesta

    "Under a hot sun, pleasant shade beckons: Siesta Siesta."

  • No.33157 Modern Caribbean Blue

    A cobalt-blue garden of Eden: Carribean Blue.

  • No.33158 Modern Lavender Kiss

    The breeze flutters against your cheek: Lavender Kiss.

  • No.33159 Modern Sahara Moon

    A clear night sky over the desert still: Sahara Moon.

  • No.33161 Modern Silk Road Dream

    Where hope and despair mingle: Silk Road Dream.

  • No.33162 Modern Paris Café

    Lively music and fragrances: a smart little Paris Café.